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History: The Seventh Inning Stretch

Ah, the Seventh Inning Stretch – a welcomed pause during a baseball game’s seventh inning half. It is a time for fans to move around and stretch their legs, possibly dance a little, and prepare for the remaining innings. There is much debate as to the origins of the famous Seventh Inning Stretch. Popular folklore indicates President Taft may have started the trend. When attending a game in 1910, the obese President found it difficult to remain seated for the duration of the event so he rose to stretch during the seventh inning half. This act prompted the stadium to follow suite out of courtesy. President Taft was known for spending more time at baseball games than he spent running the country.

Cubs @ Mariners

An alternative explanation for the origin of this tradition comes from a manuscript that dates back to 1869. Harry Wright of the Cincinnati Red Stockings described the fans taking a break that sounds very similar to the infamous Seventh Inning Stretch. Wright wrote, “The spectators all arise between halves of the seventh inning, extend their legs and arms and sometimes walk about. In so doing they enjoy the relief afforded by relaxation from a long posture upon hard benches.”

Whether President Taft started the tradition or not baseball fans a cross the country will continue to enjoy the breath of fresh air that accompanies this seventh inning tradition.

Fantasy Sports allow you to be the manager!

If you’ve ever wanted to manage your own baseball team or coach your own football team then fantasy sports are a perfect fit for you!

How to manage a Fantasy Sports team

Fantasy sports are like managing the All-Star team for any given sport every day of the season. There’s no other place that you could have a Triple Crown winner, a Gold Glove Award winner and a Cy Young pitcher all on the same team! If you think managing a sports team filled with All-Stars will be easy, think again. Fantasy sports take time and strategy to figure out whom to draft, whom to start and possible trades that could be beneficial to both teams.
There are dozens of websites to join that will allow you to manage a fantasy sports team, but be sure to check out all of the games that Prediculous has to offer you! While actual team owners and general managers are spending millions of dollars a year to manage their players, you can manage those same players from the comfort of your own home for free!

Fantasy Sports Scoring

When it comes to scoring your fantasy sports team against an opponent there are a couple of different ways your league can decide to compete. ESPN gives a great overview of Head-to-Head leagues vs. Rotisserie leagues in an article titled Fantasy World: The Debate Begins. In a head-to-head league you are playing against another team for a specified time period, which is usually one week long. During the week your team will gather statistics determined by the league manager at the beginning of the season. If your team leads in a given category at the end of your matchup week, your team receives a point for that category. At the end of the matchup week the points are totaled for the head-to-head matchup and your wins and losses are tracked in the overall league standings.
Rotisserie leagues are sometimes referred to as Roto leagues. In a Roto league your team gathers statistics for categories that are decided by the league manager at the beginning of the season. However, instead of competing against one other team in the league your statistics are compared to every team in the league. The scoring is different because your team receives points based on how it ranks against other teams in the league throughout the entire season. For example, if your team were leading a league with ten teams in it for RBI’s, then you would receive 10 points towards your team score for leading that category. If your team were second in stolen bases, you would receive 9 points and so on.

We hope that this article got you excited to manage your own fantasy sports team! For any additional questions you may have, or to find out about new games and opportunities that Prediculous has to offer, please feel free to contact us.